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The Very Crux of Self Gratitude

The Very Crux of Self Gratitude

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A Chinese proverb goes” When eating bamboo sprouts remember the man who planted them.” In the same vein, prolific writer and humanist Rabindranath Tagore contemplated, “The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.” What is the essence of these words? Isn’t it one single and outstanding virtue of gratitude? It is a feeling that connects one human being to another, a single life to the rest of the cosmos, a debt that this existence of ours owes to so many known and unknown elements, people and things.
The greatest philosophies of the world postulate the oneness of self and the Universe itself. In this context, all things are interrelated and nothing in either the human or nonhuman world exists in isolation forming a great cosmos which maintains the rhythms of life. The universe itself throws open the window of the heart to let gratitude flow everywhere. It is the virtue of gratitude that imparts limitlessness and beauty to life. Gratitude gives birth to humility and worthiness and brings us closer to our true nature. The absence of gratitude on the other hand, keeps us trapped in darkness. A delusive darkness separates one human being from another, living beings from nature where one person tries to overrule another.

Gratitude starts with Me!

How do we find sense and comfort in this chaos and pain that only seems to augment with time? It is the same chaos which defines the current generation being struck down and enslaved by the pandemic, conflicts and natural calamities. So, is there an escape from this cycle of misery?  The answer is yes! We have in us all the resources to break this cycle of misery. We can achieve this by practicing ‘Self Gratitude’. Breathing gratitude and living in gratitude from moment to moment.
A simple “thankyou”, the moment it is uttered with all the heart, humbles one, connects one heart to the other, recognises our purpose and creates a harmonious and joyful rhythm of interconnectedness. A spirit that loves humanity above everything else, revers life in all forms as precious, observes every living creature with a sense of awe and has a heart filled with the beat of joy. Aren’t these the need of the hour?

Let us practice gratitude and more gratitude till it heals us from within and in turn soothes the earth – our motherland and bestower of life. It is imperative to understand that we are not here to amass wealth but it is imperative to consciously utilize our wisdom to resurrect and benefit all life forms. In other words, extending our self with a sense of gratitude and make a huge difference in the lives of others.

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