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Spring in my Step

Spring in my Step

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It’s not everyday that you feel the same; happy and truly joyful. You are human after all and our emotions ride on a rollercoaster as they slide down and take flight yet again.

But, it is true that when you feel a spring in your step, you actually feel happier and lighter. It could be because of a promotion or the birth of your child or simply because you had cotton candy after a long time since childhood. Whatever is that feeling, it stems from the fact that it stirred up something within you BUT you also must be aware that this is an external happening and that we may not be very fortunate to have these events occurring the way that we want and in the manner that we want for us to feel that feeling of joy from within.

It brings us to the simple reality; no one or nothing can complete you, you are whole by yourself. Very intense a statement, but if you dig deeper, most of your life you would have felt the gleam of happiness cross your path and leave you just like the sun eclipsed within seconds by the moon. But you do know, that the sun is still shining behind the moon knowing its truth.

That’s all you need to know; true joy is generated from within and you can shine on no matter what because that is what your true nature is meant to do.

Now, I am sure you are thinking…How is this even possible? How can I be happy when there is storm on the outside waiting to engulf me?

True…it ain’t easy, but it ain’t impossible as well.

The moment you become AWARE that you can shine from within, generate happiness from within, you will start doing or experiencing simple things to bring back the spring in your step.

I choose to be Happy

Fathom this:

If you didn’t rely on the external world to make you happy, and all you had to do was generate your experiences to feel happy, what would you do?

If you are still pondering, read on and try a  few of these:

  1. Do what you love every day
  2. Spend time with people that nourish you
  3. Choose what you read on social media
  4. Eat wisely and exercise regularly
  5. Lastly, live in the NOW

If you notice, these 5 pointers are so self-focused and self-generated with no external dependencies. When there are no external dependencies, the time to let that shine out and live your authentic self is right with you. If there are similar things that work for you, please add them to the list and simply follow them, every day…That’s the key to the never-ending – Spring in my Step!

And well, it’s perfectly fine to blow bubble and laugh for no reason; the child within knows that bright shine…allow it…


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