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Shamanism – A Holistic Healing Practice

Shamanism – A Holistic Healing Practice

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Energy is everything, so much so, that we can say, energy, is the spirit of life. Our personal energy makes up our spirit, and life is as simple as that. It is from this point that the complex and the complicated begin to take shape. Since energy is in a constant state of flow just like a river, our individual energy too waxes and wanes.

Through various activities and underlying emotions, energy is not only gained but is also given away, and at times, even wasted. It is during such difficult times that the body loses its vitality, making way for disease to take over. Both physical and mental health crisis are more popularly termed by the modern medical community as “lifestyle diseases,” a result of neglecting our health.

Shamanism takes off where modern medicine stops. In simple words, shamanism is also about healing the spirit of the sick, the wounded and the traumatized. This ancient practice looks at the human as a holistic personality where energies of the physical, spiritual and emotional realms combine together to form a cosmic soul.

At the core of ancient shamanic wisdom lies the premise of healing the disease by healing the spirit. When we are diseased, a part of our energy becomes lost, thereby the vitality of the whole person shrinks accordingly. Similarly, the opposite also holds true.

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All we need to do is, think of all the anxiety inducing, stressful times we have been through as the underlying factors for various diseases of the mind and the body. Even something as simple as a shift of location, and all the additional burdens on the mind and body could trigger an energy loss that becomes an open invitation for diseases to invade the system. Shamanism understands all of these unseen, underlying aspects as causative factors that builds up to the volcanic eruptions that take place within the human body and mind.

Needless to say, Shamanic healing is focused on returning lost energies back home, and making the human a wholesome spirit once again. Ancient shamans arrived at this concept by observing how Nature heals and renews herself. The spirit of the Earth, in all her elements, is the Shaman’s first and most important teacher.

Shamanism is practiced around the world through different names and rituals, the shamanic system of the Mayans being the most famous. Even today, many native South Americans continue to honor the spirits of the Earth by keeping their traditional shamanic rites and ceremonies alive.

While there are several recognized shamans around the world, it is also equally important to recognize the shaman within us. The Mayans believed that the cosmic soul is one whole, and thereby, everything in the universe comes together as one spirit. This spirit or energy permeates everything including you and me. And therefore, the inner shaman.

So, how do we learn to listen to this energy and gain from its inherent wisdom? We can begin by spending more time in nature, for the nature within is not too very different from the nature around. From here, we can practice opening up and listening to our intuitive voice in order to sync with the inner spirit. Life will grow lighter, more soulful, for we will realize that our various journeys and experiences are a celebration of life through all its highs and lows.

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