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Ho’oponopono – A Hawaiian Healing Bloom

Ho’oponopono – A Hawaiian Healing Bloom

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Forgiveness is a conscious effort to release any resentment towards a person who has been hurt by you, or who has hurt you. By doing so, the stacked negative feelings start crumbling and the soul is open to healing.

Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian teaching advocates self-love, and this love can be extended to others by bringing them under this umbrella. Each of us at some point in life needs to cleanse the negative feelings; therefore, chanting the four-step mantra of Ho’oponopono releases the resentment that is invisibly ensconced in the heart. The first step is realizing that the responsibility for everything that happens to us is within our mind. The repentance phase, “I am sorry” brings the conscious realization that the healing process starts with apologizing. As this realization dawns, the second step, the most powerful one “Please forgive me” follows. We just have to ask self and the universe or from anyone for that matter for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a comforting salve on a wound. Gratitude comes next. “Thank you” is a powerful phrase, yet very simple to be understood by everyone and helps in healing. The healing process is fast-tracked by words of endearment “I love you” – a simple universally acknowledged phrase for self and others that carries a powerful emotion.

A brilliant feeling and energy!

Well, I would like to share and weave my life experience keeping in mind the teachings of Ho’oponopono. I had some disagreement with a person and the relationship collapsed like a pack of cards. It continued for a few years, and one fine day I realized that the negative feelings had to be shed. As repentance kicked in, forgiveness for self and the other person followed. I thanked the universe for the opportunity and chanted the words of endearment for the other person; thereby, healing the wound. Chanting the same words of endearment resolved a nagging and excruciating physical pain.

In conclusion, the 4 pearly phrases of Ho’oponopono when scattered around ourselves and others light the healing fire of positive energy. Forgiveness helps both the forgiver’s soul and the forgiven’s soul to soar like kites in the sky flying with gay abandon detaching from the strings of castigation.

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Malathi Joshi
Malathi Joshi
7 months ago

Each and every word said here is true and agree with it!!

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