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Happiness Quotient Decoded

Happiness Quotient Decoded

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Do we really understand the true essence of happiness? Are we in complete joy every moment of our lives? Or does our state of happiness sway with challenges bombarding us? Out of all the connotations of happiness, Sukha/ Ananda as referred to in Sanskrit refers to a state of complete bliss.

Well, we feel we are absolutely happy as we are showered with money and/or material needs. On the other hand, imagine being in a situation where we lose all our money. Within a couple of seconds, our mind pulls us down to a state of complete sadness. The reason our mind vacillates every now and then is we have placed immense emphasis on material wants all our lives and have always sought for happiness outside of us. In the bargain, we turn into slaves of external gratification. But the underlying truth to actual happiness is to look within and experience a state of reverie by appreciating oneself and others, working on our goals to achieve victory, fighting our own fears and self-doubts.

Happiness is what you create within you!

But the flip side to this is none of us have been able to fathom workings of the mind. It might seem abstract and next to impossible to tame the mind, to allow the mind to perceive situations from a different perspective. But with time we start allowing ourselves to explore the unchartered territory of being in a state of complete harmony with ourselves. And this is only possible if we look within ourselves and introspect what is our actual connotation of happiness. In other words, the Vedantic view simply says happiness cannot be discovered but needs to be experienced by each one of us.

Well, are we ready to work on ourselves and experience a state of complete bliss/absolute happiness? Or do material needs that bring in a spurt of immediate gratification make us happy? We cannot base our happiness on others and we are solely responsible for the decisions we make. It is imperative to go into a deeper understanding of being in a state of constant happiness which certainly entails a lot of practice. Once we are on that path, we tend to spread that happiness to others. This is the point where compassion blossoms inside us and we unintentionally pass it on to each and every life we touch.

Time to embark on a happiness journey which guarantees one a lifetime of mental wellbeing. Food for thought?

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