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How is this offline onsite retreat any different from all the other trips that are organized within India?

The Soulful Exploration is a venture that curates events and presents them as experiences for you. It has effectively managed to associate with soulful people from India who are experts in their own field of arts, craft, music, dance and a plethora of other rare, lost Indian art forms and who also want to share their passion with you

Other Travel formats focus mainly on a local experience and with what is locally available and present that to you in the best possible manner.

What does the term ‘immersive’ mean?

When you start doing something, you first engage in it as an activity. Slowly as it starts to grow on you, you become immersed in it and the activity starts to become an experience and this helps you connect better with yourself in an almost meditative state.

What can I expect from an on-location retreat?

As soon as you become a part of this Retreat/Program, you transition from merely being a Tourist on guided tours to a Soulful Explorer travelling an experiential path that is exciting yet revealing of many new facets through the curated event. You can expect to connect with yourself and the external world better and also learn new and rare art forms to take back as a treasure with you. You also experience the culture of the land which has been home to you during the Retreat.

How was The Soulful Exploration created?

The belief of the co-founders is: Disconnect to Re-connect!


This fuelled in them an urge to push their boundaries and find something that you could easily identify with. Everyone loves travel with an experience and when we decided to infuse this travel with myriad components like people, activities, food, venue all coming together very consciously to magically create a safe space The Soulful Exploration for you to explore and create and experience harmony within a holistic travel experience.

Will shopping and sightseeing be a part of the on-location retreat Program?

Every Retreat Program will have a different format and shape. While sightseeing locally, as an experience maybe a part of it, shopping will be solely left to the Soulful Explorer.

What is the cancellation policy on pre-booked event?

We are unable to process cancellations on pre-booked events due to limited seats and logistical confirmations required well-ahead of the program from our partners. Please call us if you have specific considerations.

How do we secure our space in the Program?

For on-location retreats, 10% of the Total package cost is to be paid 15 days before the start of the Program to secure your beautiful space and the remaining 90% has to be paid 7 days before the start of the Program.

For online retreats, fully payment is required to reserve your seat before the due date.

Will the cost of every event including the materials be included in the Package?

Yes, everything related to the event creating an experience will be included in the Package; materials, props etc. This is applicable to on-location retreats only.

What is the cancellation policy on pre booked event?

You can gift or transfer your secure place to any near & dear once or can reserve it for our next event or can get refund before 7 days from event date after all the deduction of transaction fee, airlines, cancellation and processing fee, visa fee etc

Will the payment for The Soulful Exploration & the Travel Partner be in different accounts?

 Payment details will be different for TSE and the Travel Partner. Should you want to avail Travel Booking facility, VISA Processing and Insurance on Travel, we will share the details of our trusted Travel Partner      

What is the Loyalty Program?

As a part of the Energy Space that we are in, we would love for every Soulful Traveller to be a part of our Loyalty Program which means:

  1. a) If you join along with 5 or more Soulful Explorers, then you can enjoy being a part of the Soulful Exclusive Member Club
  2. b) If you bring along with you 15 or more Soulful Explorers, then you can enjoy being a part of the Soulful Exclusive Member Club and also will have the privilege of joining us as our guest for the current Curated Program.
How can I get info about your next curated experiential event?

Please visit  Active Retreats in our Web site 

Is it true that the activities are from across the India?

Yes, we bring different colours from varied cultures within India with a spattering of experiences from across the world in both on-location and online retreats. 

Are these people who teach us experts in their own fields?

We prefer to call them Resource Partners as they are not just sharing a Resource with us, but also partnering with us in our humble endeavour to reach out to as many souls as we can so that they can create their reality the way that they want. We are happy to be associated with these Resource Partners some of who are internationally acclaimed and want to do their bit for a better world.

How is this Retreat different from other wellness retreats advertised on many Indian websites?

The Soulful Exploration prides itself in bringing ancient wisdom into every activity specially curated by the company and executed by internationally acclaimed and accomplished experts in the field of art, culture, mind sciences and neurosciences. The program also distinctly focuses on alignment between mind, body and soul and believes that any breakthrough success is achieved by a fine integration between them. 

Why is the food served Sattvic and/or vegetarian?

Going by the theme of what we have drawn together for you, a light yet nutritious meal is what we recommend. This allows for easy digestion as you focus all your energies into the immersive experience. Also, conscious eating will form a major component of your Retreat experience. We also urge you not to consume any alcohol during the 7-day Program

What is included and excluded in The Soulful Exploration Package for on-location retreats?

Airport Shuttles (nearest airport) locally to and from the Resort, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, event related costs and Room Tariffs on Double Occupancy basis are included in the Package

Airfares, Travel Insurance, VISA charges, shopping expenses, room service and taxes and/or any other expenses not part of the inclusions above are excluded from the Package and will have to be borne by the Soulful Explorer

Why is the Program only for people above the age of 18?

Younger we are, the more connected we are naturally. As we grow older, we get swayed under pressure and fear digs in deeply and slowly we start just surviving rather than thriving. Also, this will enable those above the age of 18 to re-write their life’s experiences and create newer ones through the Program

Are events like White Water rafting available all through the year or only during the monsoon?

It will be available all year round; still water when the river is calm and white water during and after a good monsoon. Any cancellation will be due to bad weather that might in anyway endanger a Soulful Explorer. There will be no refund in the event of a cancellation

What happens after we finish the Retreat?

Even a mere enquiry with us, will enable you to become a part of The Soulful Exploration Community. Throw questions, share experiences, post your ideas and thoughts and of course, check our trail as we move from one venue to the other creating more Programs serving you in the best way we can

What is the mode of the payment? Can it be made through Bank Transfer/Credit card?

Payment must be made Through Bank Transfer only please refer our Email for    account detail

What currency should the payment be made?

 The Payment shall be made in USD (US Dollars – $) or INR (Indian Rupee ). For other currencies, please contact us.

Is there any registration fee for joining The Soulful Community Page?

No, there is no registration fee and if your profile data is updated then you may get a chance to win free pass to join one of our Flagship curated retreats.

Is there any specific type of Attire require for the event?

Please refer to our detailed e-mail shared along with booking acknowledgement

What is the typical accommodation that will be provided during the event?

We have tied with the best Resort Partners across India at the most scenic locales. The rooms that will be booked for you will be on a twin sharing basis

What is the minimum bandwidth required for the online program?

The online program will be hosted over standard video meeting tools such as Zoom, Google meet or similar software. Please ensure that you have a good network connection that has previously hosted video meetings with both video and audio turned on.  

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