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About The Soulful Exploration

The Soulful Exploration is a Luxury Wellness Company which believes that everyone can live a life filled with purpose and create connections that are meaningful. And in order to create this, we welcome you to our curated Retreats that are filled with the wisdom from Ancient India and other parts of the world. We aim at delivering enriching experiences integrating the FIVE elements of Nature into your lives with a definite inner transformation. You also experience your Zen moments which lead you to Work-Life Integration with simplicity and harmony.

Our Mission is to serve people to raise consciousness in a Loving Planet.

Our Vision is to attract more beauty in the form of people and experiences that help us grow in harmony and alignment to the Higher Purpose of making a difference to people.

About Our Soulful Partners

There is a journey that we all make and it is filled with people! And when we share this journey with people who share the same energy and the same passion for making a difference to people, we collaborate as Soulful Partners at a very conscious level. So, here you go; presenting our Soulful Partners: Resort Partners, Resource Partners, Channel Marketing Partners, Creative Partners, Logistic Partners and Interns who have so wonderfully stepped in to share our passion for this Experiential Travel with a Meaningful Difference.

Meet the Founders

Deepankar Mallick
Co - founder

Electrical Engineer, Project Management Consultant, Airfield Expert and Zen Lifestyle Expert.
Anu Krishna
Co - founder

Mind Coach, NLP Trainer, Energy Work Specialist, Zen Lifestyle Expert, Speaker and Author

Coming from two different worlds and backgrounds, what grounded them is a resonance with the mantra: To Serve is the Highest Joy.

They have missed the boat on many occasions chasing the obvious materialistic pursuits. And then the Eureka moment had happened! ‘For one to experience pure happiness, they must become consciously aware of each precious moment of Life by first savouring it and then living it authentically to connect with their Soul’s essence.’    

Anu believes that, “You can teach people to do anything, but when you teach them to create a mindset to support it, they are gifted with a chance at perseverance, adaptability and resilience!”. Combine that with Deepankar’s belief “Generate enough revenue to be able to sustainably serve society with a meaningful purpose.” and you can perhaps see how the resonance “To Serve is the Highest Joy” is achieved.

What aligns best with them is: When we connect to a higher purpose that is beyond ourselves, that’s when Life truly begins for us.

They say: “For us, after the conception of TSE, Life has truly begun in its purest form.”

Meet the Associates

Steve Donofrio
Strategic Business Associate

Steve Donofrio is passionate about uniting people in harmony, inspiring them to action. As a former noncommissioned officer (NCO) in the US Army with deployments to Iraq and Kuwait for the first Gulf war and other real-world missions he understands the phrase “leaders eat last”, because he has done it.  Steve knows that leadership is about serving first.   As an international motivational leadership speaker, Steve utilizes his 20 plus years of experience to help leaders move things to done (by) through and with others.  He believes, the true measure of a leader is defined within the actions and accomplishments of those they influence.

Book author, and former contributing writer for Japan’s leading professional security journal, Security Research Magazine. Steve has been featured live and virtual as a subject matter expert on local, regional, and national media platforms on 3 different Continents.

Jeena Earthiva
Business Associate

Jeena Earthiva is India’s 1st Conscious Music Artist, Transformational Coach, TEDx Speaker & Wellbeing-Tech Entrepreneur. She invented the CONSCIOUS MUSIC CODE  – a highly immersive music based technology for wellbeing and personal transformation. She uses musically transformative techniques and hypnotic neurolinguistics integrated with the 5 senses, for re-coding the mind, body & spirit to reshape & re-create reality!

She is the first in the world to create musical applications of ‘Mental Space Psychology’ and is also the first to be represented at NLP Conference India for the integration of musical techniques with New Code NLP. She is also a powerful motivational Speaker and Trainer always encouraging the conscious choice of music, as according to her, “Music can hack into your emotional operating system and heal or harm you.”.She carries an unstoppable commitment to raise human consciousness using the CONSCIOUS MUSIC CODE.

Archana Kumar
Business Associate

Archana Kumar is an independent performing artist, who prefers to speak the uncomfortable truths. Her works are bold, evocative and radical. Her decade long residence in USA , carved most of her foundational training in modern dance , physical theatre and improvisation. Her artistic journey began with Kathak , which she continues to actively teach. She led a premier Kathak school in Seattle , was adjunct faculty at Cornish college of arts, Seattle & Northwestern Univ, Evanston. Most recently she has also been exploring, researching upon, performing and teaching Flamenco. She is also a Hindustani vocalist and offers introductory private sessions .

‘I have only scratched portions of the surface , for there is too much to discover , create and experience in 1 lifetime. Her continued research And fascination remains within the realm of deconstructing movement through deeper awareness of the human body’s architecture which she actively continues through her sessions to not just spread awareness but for people to experience this beautiful way of reconnection with themselves.

Michelle Mras 
Business Associate

Michelle Mras is an International TEDx Speaker, Communication Trainer, Success Coach, podcaster, author, Michelle is the Host of the MentalShift show on The New Channel (TNC), Philippines. Michelle guides her clients to recognize the innate gifts within them, to stop apologizing for what they are not and step into who they truly are. She accomplishes this through one-on-one and group coaching, Training events, Keynote talks, her books, Podcasts and MentalShift television show. She has been awarded the Inspirational Women of Excellence Award from the Women Economic Forum, New Delhi, India; the John Maxwell Team Culture Award for Positive Attitude and has been featured on hundreds of Podcasts, radio programs, several magazines and quoted in books. Michelle’s driving thought is that every day is a gift. Tomorrow is never promised. Every moment is an opportunity to be the best version of you… Unapologetically!

Dr. Rugmani Venkatadri 
Business Associate

Dr. Rugmani Venkatadri is a backpacker, design educator and jewelry artist. She is an avid reader, culture vulture, animal lover as well as a believer in a holistic healthy lifestyle. She believes that success is synonymous with happiness of the heart, soul and body and does not rest on laurels of acclamation from the external world.

In love with life always, Rugmani loves to help others experience this joy of immersing oneself wholeheartedly in cosmic art, and believes that in this stress-ruled world, this is the ultimate elixir for inner peace. She would love to enable others uncover their energies through this process and experience a beautiful world within themselves. Her journeys give her an interesting perspective of culture, craft, nature and the beautiful synergies between the three.

She has done her doctoral thesis on the headgear of the Brokpas of Ladakh, after her double M.A in History and Ancient Indian Culture.

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