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A Lesson from a Glass

A Lesson from a Glass

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Look at this.

Oh yes, it is a beautiful picture is it not?
The photographer clearly seems to have eye for beauty.

But do you see what I see?

A glass of water.

Now, is it half-full or half-empty?

Perespective that we can own

Generally, a bad day gives way to a glass-half empty attitude, and a good day gives way to a glass-full attitude. But here is what many humans fail to address; why must a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day determine their lives?

If humans allow every external qualm to threaten their happiness, chaos is bound to arise.

What sets a happy person and a sad person apart is not what experience or challenge they face; it is how they deal with what comes their way.

And the root of this is the power of choice.

You could be fired, but you could choose to stay calm and accept what the Universe gives you, with faith that there are kinder things that are on their way.

So, when you face a testing situation, how do you choose to react?

Anger and Negativity or Calmness and Positivity?

Time to reflect, don’t you think?

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1 year ago

Hello Nitika, Awesome …The pic you selected of the glass is simply superb…Agree fully to what you stated. Want to add something more- When I looked at the glass, half filled with water, it struck me that I could see the reflection of the beautiful scenery so clearly because the water was calm, with no ripples and dirt in it…So similarly when our mind is calm, we are happy from within, we can see, admire and look into things with more clarity, our way of looking to things is more positive and we cherish, live and enjoy life to the… Read more »

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