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A breath at a Time

A breath at a Time

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You wake up to an alarm that rings loudly almost into your ears, you look left and right and then left again  before you cross the road, you check if the milk is warm enough before you give your baby the bottle and yes, you check yourself in front of the mirror before you step out…

There is a certain level of awareness that we possess about an activity and its desired outcome and we weigh our intelligence with respect to that awareness and receiving the desired outcome. If we were to extend this thought to our sense organs…yes you read right; sense organs that hold to the key to the way that we perceive the world!

If we were to list down every single thing that our sense organs do, the list would be endless and the WOW factor with respect to the outcome is nothing short of a marvel. You see, you smell, you taste, you hear and you feel/touch. Let’s go a little deeper with the fact that when you smell, you also take in air and that we learned as young as 5, that it’s called breathing and later modified to respiration. We learned the process that the respiratory system follows in a clinical manner that not much thought was given to the WOW factor, which is that WE ARE ALIVE BECAUSE WE ARE BREATHING…



Awareness and Accepting and being in Gratitude

Are we breathing on our own or are we being aided by the heart, the lungs or as a few good people might say: a higher source/energy? Whatever or whoever that is, we are alive. How do you know that you are?

Because you are able to live here and in this moment and partake of life’s richness and abundance. Check for yourself to see if you are indeed alive;

Close you eyes and breathe in and out DEEP and DEEPER

Just focus on your breath

Acknowledge any other sounds that you may hear

Just feel your chest rise and fall in harmony

Keep at it…


With all the sounds, images and feeling merging in harmony, all you can hear and feel is your breath!

That’s you, that’s you being alive in that moment…

Isn’t it a wonder? When people struggle to find things to be grateful for, do run them through this process and watch them lighten up and feel immense gratitude for being alive and being able to meet the sheer joys that life has to offer!

Now that you are aware, there is a certain silence that falls into you as you keep hearing and feeling your breath over and over again simply to experience the marvel of a process that was sometime reduced to an academic term. I wish children were taught to WOW at this marvel and not merely by rote learning ramble the definition of respiration. And they could be taught to experience this marvel, One breath at a Time…hearing, feeling and living in that Gratitude with a big smile!


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